it’s healthy to question. asking “why” helps fix what may need attention, establish efficiency and continuity within resulting resiliency.

why isn’t freedom free then? why must this question be offensive to discuss? particularly strange… in america as an american, no less.

engage in the “uncomfortable” uncouth needs of nations. steward thought, growth and community with all. freedom?

be free to be all you can and know all you can. discussion and sharing serves where duplicity and fear divide, dismantle and destroy.
despair can dissolve with effort.

learn about anyone and anything you’re told to hate. too often we don’t know anything about who we target as separated nations. the world is hurting, nationalism isn’t patriotism… there is no pride in complacent censure, only false liberty. ask, even when truth hurts selfish sensitivities among arrogant maniacal spins.

the why. therein lies purpose and becoming. community is compassion. love. all. not just the cherry picked conveniently strategic “palettable” few.

all are worthy of love and expression. with a world in tyranny, nobody is free. when the provisioned script isn’t discussed openly, nobody ever will be.

love is the why to life.
love all,
and you.