always an empathic artist.
I served well from my past within parks, medical care, retail, a Chinese restaurant and information technology: with integrity of heart and mind. I see hope in humanity with love and embrace multiple methods of expression to convey necessary needs within a troubled celestial home. We cannot create real change here beyond dreams if many don’t dream of a better world on this existential plane. Kathe Kollwitz, Salvador Dali, Gustave Dore, Jacques Gamelin, Michelangelo, E E Cummings and last but not least: Baruch Spinoza, are some of the greats that resonate with me. There is opportunity hewn from embers buried deep within failure (challenge is opportunity). You only need one Phoenix to light bright: the self. You WILL fly, as long as you keep trying and never accept disabling defeat. Rise above with wings of passion. You get what you give: from good people. Know you spent your life dreaming, but also helping bring much needed change to the future. Sow the seeds of discussion with the message you leave. Life is about love of all, including self: often the most difficult to recognize.

i always harbored the drive to help, but started with a more “nuclear american” narrative.
i fell in line with what i thought was right, but have since left for hope among all. blind faith shuttered by an inquisitive heart & mind. always ask the “difficult” questions, there’s too much pain among the marginalized “miscreants” of the world. impunity is ill, integrity is found in conversations and knowledge otherwise missed. sharing is truly caring, part of encouraging growth beyond normalized floundering, failure and stagnation.

knowledge is freedom, not power. power is oppressive guided control by gaslit blinders unwittingly worn by constituents and enlisted children (frogs in a pot under incremental temp climb). grooming children with hate and fear starts young, i lived it personally from my private school and place of shameful misguided “worship” (indoctrination to the idea of an angry narcissistic god you must coddle with praise so He just might let you in his palatial estate above)… public secular education respects all beliefs and is paramount to breaking the shell built by abusive tax havens of bigotry. praise god by loving all, without fear: love is god. bigotry is fraud: herem, haram, heresy as documented in the 3 abrahamic religions. stop fighting each other, stop fighting. All religions honor love and inclusion. respect god and love unconditionally, like a dog: pure and authentic.

fascism is tragically the oldest enduring profession, with a heavy patriarchal base: male “supremacy” or gender apartheid world-wide. fascists starve women and children of rights, then “pay” objectified-victims a pittance to endure abuse and move on down the line. women are capable of much more, and that scares nervous males stuck on the brutish idea they must control/violate/silence beauty they fear. gender identity rights do not bring women and other marginalized identities above men, it recognizes all are created as equals and should be valued as such: together. sharing is caring, caring is community. monsters shame #MeToo, men listen and learn. help heal those hurt by unholy hubris on high.

false freedom was suffocating, there is cold crisp free breath found with clear sight anywhere. free people do not shame victims for what they endure and who they are, whether identity, gender, class or skin. the machismo monolith fear sharing control, women and other groups they assault must be reigned-in and beat down regularly to silence their internal insecurity, clearly apparent with their fixation on physical gender traits (gonads). their achilles heel is an inability to confront their weakness with empathy and find strength in growth… “handmaids tale” is a developing tragic reality in america and other fails near and abroad. the end of patriarchal led oppression doesn’t end actual fatherhood: good parents are partners, equals together that share the household. men love, and don’t hurt women and others targeted by monsters.

i find purpose in conveying color, community, freedom that should be and freedom that isn’t functionally free.

norman rockwell was a source of gaslit pride in my nationally driven past.
such work is still inspirational as i convey pride in the enduring plight of the forgotten, the downtrodden.
i hold hope in humanity, healing, and faith in a welcoming future with all.

be tired of apathy and silenced suffering.
create and carry on: climb walls. life and love is uninhibited individual expression: liberation in Art. warmth is within the welcome concept of creation where god is the mother of all, nature, and nurture: spiritual love and belonging. that is, if there must be a manifestation of god and gender identity is somehow necessary beyond spiritual appreciation found within the love of All. my Art is full of pride. rainbows are inclusion and represent all aspects of a world together. we are all sisters and brothers. the engineered division that drives us apart and sells death is the first wall that must dissolve towards a shared global community.