live a healthy concept of cowboy. be a man, your own man. don’t fanboy nervous “alpha males” scared of rainbows, loving women and other marginalized innocence. build your own path as weaponized patriarchy fails fatherhood. respect the role, share the household as loving equals. strength is found among men of integrity: real values, not bigotry. protect, don’t violate beauty of all genders that scare incels. pride is inclusive of all, carry the cross with dissidents of the world. free people are often wrapped in chains, not high on hubris in apartheid occupied indigenous lands. counter ill “culture” with multi-cultural inclusion. break bread, not lady liberty and her worthy message of welcoming love. walls down, bridge and bond with all. serve and steward world community, not xenophobia. be good, even when freedom is offensive to the fascist branding of “the free world”. freedom isn’t free, never was: make it so? đŸ—½

be love, don’t sell war. the pricetag and tyrant clientele nullifies the “defense” moniker wielded falsely. such industry exports wares callously cavalier for cash to oppressive kings seated atop erased dissidents. drop mics, not bombs: help heal, don’t hew hurt.

the best counter-offensive isn’t a response in kind: it’s a kind response. drop food, shelter, educate. share. you will disintegrate the evils of the selfish man from within. war can end with love internally and beyond. liquidate lovingly, long term lasting communal gains. change starts with cracks of thought, a glimmer of hope. growth. growing pains hurt like hell, a re-birth well worth challenging hostile normative with. tough love brought me life, long ago. water between rock fissures freezes with winter, then thaws in the spring leaving spaces open to deep difficult history. water travels in the air and across earthly surface, splitting, carving change to forced “truths,” misnomers previously written in time-maleable figurative stone. be a single drop among many, not insignificant in “blockchain” decentralized cohesion. no heartfelt selfless act is too small. hold doors open for others, open doors for those previously unwelcome.

there’s pride in being woke, sleeping any shimmer of freedom away to fascist autocracy is idiocracy. anyone can serve the call to care, anywhere. we don’t need war to achieve a free world. war kills, knowledge liberates.

“stay in your circle!”
we all circle the sun together as one.
a circle defined by skin, an identity imprisonment: caste-shackles that bind us apart.
i never was what is seen upon a simple surface skim. scribble color beyond lines of submission.
find belonging among all.
seen above, an Enso circle: {wikipedia read link}

{rainbows are a universal gift, love all}