angels are the manifestation of Androgyny welcome in the 3 Abrahamic religions, as written.
captured by a variety of prophets, recognized unilaterally as credible by religious authorities internally.
when gender identity is a point of nervous contention: reference doctrine and find inclusion direct from god. they frequently spoke through angelic messengers, in addition to prophetic visions and audible voice. honor god’s choice of earthy presence, respect those god found comfort among within their heavenly court. those with ill sensitivities can find healing in confronting their internal demons adopted as anger hewn from abuse driven by struggling false prophets.

love thyself and those of all walks upon this world of beauty.
differences add flavor as a vast palette of color in life: xenophobia is culturally cold and shallow anywhere.
shared experiences, knowledge and ideas have the potential to bridge over walls. break bread over troubled waters, build bonds beyond.
our home is magical and full of mystique as we orbit in a timeless dance among the stars, one interstellar world.
find and embrace community with everyone upon this opportune blessing together.

divisive leads drive us apart with cold steel, identity walls, bartered missiles and nationalism branded as patriotism.

in my birth state, colorado, the palatial “focus on the family” palace proved much to me in my school years, with their bigotry and long since outed duplicity.
i attended a sermon of hate they led when soul searching myself. my takeaway was at-odds with their scripted recruiting intentions. the presentation was an unnerving hitlerjugend experience of judgement driven largely by “men of faith”. there was much shaming and damnation directed at good people. a truly unholy divinity that reeked, a vicious orgy of gluttony. imagine rabid wolves shredding a live beautiful elk without life-sustaining need. purging peaceful beauty makes tyrants feel strong and beats down internal insecurities a little longer, real-world vampires that feed on souls of innocence. with dissenting reality erased, “the gays” and other marginalized groups “don’t exist” or are less of a “problem” in many nations, too starved to overcome injustice. america isn’t alone as supreme courts are crippled, or undergoing similar transitions to irrelevancy worldwide, a la israel (legal heavyweight, alan dershowitz, has joined the protest. a tragically feeble don quixote effort, as the pendulous death rattle wanes). bias driven courts can wield a guided autocratic narrative, unhindered.

i later confirmed my doubts regarding religious credibility when i caught a figure drawing model i studied from on a denver channel recounting a high congregation leader who frequented him as a customer for alternative services. monsters of the world often lurk among the outspoken shelter of weaponized pulpits, positions of leadership and authority. no religion is immune to strategic use, oppression enforced as theocratic tyrrany.

the holy man speaks as god, yet utters words of fear and fire… love is god, not hate/anger.

don’t fear marginalized victims, global bigots hold a world record of violating innocence.

-Nate {rainbows are a universal gift, love all}

A Dictionary of Angels” All religions share angels, among other archetypes. this book is well worth an invested reference.

stop war, share the consistent multi-faith archetype of love: God. peace is more important than a ‘phobic fixation on machismo.

stop bigotry, share god’s multi-faith use of gender ambiguity: Angels. peace is more important than a ‘phobic fixation on other people’s pants.